Can Zinc Increase Testosterone?

The primary hormone for male sexual health is testosterone. The level of testosterone in your body affects all sexual influences in your life, either directly or indirectly. Sufficient testosterone levels help prevent the loss of any male sexual features; appropriate testosterone levels also promote muscle building and improve the health of the cells in your semen.

But these days men often end up suffering from low testosterone issues and this type of disorder is known as hypogonadism. Low testosterone levels or even hypogonadism may occur due to several reasons including the deficiency of zinc in your body.

In this article, we are here to find out whether zinc can help improve testosterone levels. Further on we will find out about the normal symptoms that indicate you have a deficiency of zinc in your body along with what some of the research studies have to say about the relationship between zinc and testosterone.

Further on we will also find out those food items that you can include in your diet in case you have low testosterone levels. Filagra gel shots is a medicine that may help improve firmness in your erections.

What Are The Reasons That Someone Is Having Low Testosterone?

Testosterone levels in males generally decrease as they age. Hence it is common to experience the symptoms of low testosterone above a certain age. Most men above the age of 40 would experience some of the symptoms of low testosterone as we have included. But at times hypogonadism may be genetic or else caused by the influence of other disorders.

  • Treatment of critical disorders such as cancer
  • Injury in the penis or testicle regions
  • Affected hypothalamus gland
  • Obesity
  • HIV
  • Use of certain medicines that reduce hormonal secretion of testosterone

Generally, the symptoms that are visible externally in someone having low testosterone include low muscle mass or loss of muscles, loss of weight, low drive for having sex, problems in having strong erections, hot flashes, and so on. if you are experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction you may use medicines like Vidalista Tadalafil.

What Is The Relationship Between Zinc And Hypogonadism?

Zinc is one of the most important micronutrients for our health. Zinc is one of the vital nutrients for the immune cells in our body. So deficiency of zinc can also mean someone is more prone to frequently suffering from allergies, infections, and so on.

Zinc can also play a vital role in the secretion of certain hormones in your body and act as a precursor to it. Zinc is also a vital nutrient for protein synthesis and absorption in your body.

Zinc also helps play a major role in the production and secretion of the male hormone testosterone. Certain research shows that men who have normal zinc levels in their bodies would also have normal T levels and vice versa.

According to most scientists and researchers with a lack of zinc, the production of testosterone takes a hit and therefore the person may tend to face difficulties in their sexual life and have other symptoms as we told you above.

How Much Amount Of Zinc Should You Have Daily To Ensure Proper T Levels?

According to several studies and research, it has been found that approximately those men who take around 30 milligrams of zinc daily through food items and supplements have normal testosterone secretion. It is thus extremely important to include zinc in your body and ensure its normal levels.

This can be done using a combination of food items that are rich in zinc or using food supplements daily that would contain the micronutrient in abundance.

Food Items That Are Rich In Zinc

Zinc is one of the most important nutrients for male sexual health. Since it cannot be stored in your body you have to consume it daily and the best way to do it is through your diet. So, which foods are rich in zinc that you can consider daily in your diet? Here are a few examples-


Beans are one of those vegetables that contain a lot of proteinsvitamins, and micronutrients such as zinc.


Various nuts such as groundnuts contain a vital amount of zinc in them.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits such as dates, almonds, and pistachios are rich sources of micronutrients such as zinc.


Go for lean chicken meat and consume it for at least a few days in your diet. you can make tasty dishes out of chicken and include it both in your lunch and dinner.


Oats have lots of fiber and carbs in them. But it is also rich in zinc. Consider adding oats to your breakfast.


You can consider having yogurt daily after meals since it contains more zinc in it than milk and other dairy products.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is fresh and 100% natural and contains lots of zinc and an array of other micronutrients.

Symptoms That You Are Having Zinc Deficiency

Of course, some further symptoms indicate a lack of zinc in your body. Some of the most common symptoms of zinc deficiency include

  • Loss of hair
  • Rough skin
  • Eye vision problems
  • Suffering from more infections and allergies
  • Wounds take a much longer time to heal
  • Gradual loss of taste and smell
  • Diarrhea

How Much Zinc Level Is Safe For Your Health?

While a lack of zinc can cause problems in males such as hypogonadism and other disorders even its higher presence at more than a certain level can cause health issues. Doctors say that it is not healthy to consume more than 40 milligrams of zinc in your health daily.

Some of the health issues as a result of excess zinc include nauseaheadachevomitingcramps in the abdomen, and so on.

Final Say

As you can see we have detailed the relationship between zinc and testosterone in this article. We have also explained how the presence of zinc in your body can naturally help increase T levels. Use pills such as Vidalista 20 to gain better erections.

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