Tips To Enrich Your Apartment Looks After Renovation

Many times, even after having invested time, money, and energy in a comprehensive renovation of the apartment, we may have the impression that our home looks the same as many others.

The same style as if it were copied from many other houses that look very similar. Identical copies of models from the same magazines.

Below we will present some ideas of details and tricks that can make a newly remodeled living room, kitchen or bathroom look unique and different.


Details always count when it comes to decorating a space. If we want the apartment to look elegant and classy, distinguished and unique after a comprehensive renovation, we can resort to putting moldings between the wall and the ceiling.

Simply choosing this type of finish will allow the floor to look finished. It gives a feeling of foresight, of conclusion, as well as looking very elegant. The wider the molding chosen, the more a sense of exclusive and elegant design it can produce.


Colors and paint

Without a doubt, one of the most difficult decisions that can be made in apartment renovations is the color of the walls.

Leave the walls white and add details or use contrasting and striking colors? To be able to play with simple and creative decorative elements, it is best to opt for neutral colors.

Do you want to add a touch of simple sophistication to your home using paint? Choose to paint your doors in dark tones.


Pillows and cushions

Do you have a nice sofa, armchairs, or large chairs in your living room or dining room? The large, fluffy pillow-type cushions are a detail that makes the space look cozy, elegant, and different.

The idea is not to choose small pillows that we can buy in any supermarket, but rather to patiently look for large pillows, or buy large covers and fill them with small cushions to give them more personality.

According to Stouffville home renovations experts, the covers can be white and plain for a minimalist atmosphere, or colorful for a bohemian style.

In any case, they are a detail that will give great personality to the space after completely renovating the apartment.



Covering the windows is an opportunity to exploit a decorative element that is used after completing the comprehensive renovation of the apartment. The textile elements cause pleasant sensations to the eye and touch.

Good fabric can be the undoubted star of a room or complement its style. Also, it is worth taking the time to select the fabric, texture, type of bra, pleats, and colors.

Well, they are an element that will complement the aesthetic appearance of a piece and that can crown the result of our comprehensive renovation of the apartment.


Lamps and lighting

The lighting that we give to a room or an entire apartment can be a detail that changes its entire appearance and can even affect its functionality. A room that has different options can change throughout the day.

A direct window to have natural light all day, large central lamps for when needed, and small spot lamps or floor lamps to create a more intimate atmosphere.

Modern style lamps, with clean lines and clean materials such as metal or plastic in white or black for a minimalist style and recycled or vintage lamps for a bohemian style.


Ceramic flooring

An element that we must consider a lot in a comprehensive renovation and that constitutes the detail that unifies and makes a renovation shine is that of the floor paving finishes. And in that sense, for decades the use of carpets and rugs has become less and less popular.

A ceramic floor gives shine, a feeling of cleanliness, and space to an apartment. While a rug gives more of a homely feeling accompanied by an impression of reduced space.


Furniture and accessories

It is also important to enrich the space with small accessories. Also, shelves with small vases, plants to bring life to the interior, photographs placed strategically, mirrors, paintings, crafts, or special art objects that combine well with the rest of the decoration.

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