Wallpapering Behind The Headboard Wall | All You Need To Know

Wallpapers are a great way to design and upgrade the aesthetics of any room in residential places. These wall coverings are a timeless choice to add unique design and visual impact to your boudoir rooms. Whether it is to accentuate the looks of all walls or just to style a part of them, they are an excellent option. 


A bedroom is a place where we tend to unwind and relax after a long, tiring day. So, your choice of wall coverings can impact the space’s comfort, style, and ambiance. In this article, you are going to discover all the aspects that you need to know about getting your headboard wall treated with wallpapers.

Reasons To Choose Wallpaper Behind The Headboard Wall

Decorating rooms with wallpaper in Dubai is a common practice nowadays. As mentioned above, decorative papers are perfect for having a unique design impact on your wall behind the headrest. Following are some reasons to choose a wall cover for that space:


  • These decorative covers create a focal point, adding visual interest to your bedroom.
  • It will give you a more refreshing and richer look with different patterns and designs.
  • Wall sheets not only beautify that specific area but also conceal surface imperfections.
  • It can be used as an art piece because it will be on the wall behind your bed.
  • These coverings allow design personalization on the wall with multiple styles.
  • It will make your bed area an eye-catching and welcoming place to retire for you at the end of the day.

Wall Covers Behind The Headboard Wall | Factors To Consider

Before selecting the headrest wall covering, the following are some factors you need to consider.

  • Material Selection

Decorative coverings for walls come in diverse varieties of materials. Your choice of material will determine its longevity, maintenance requirements, and finish. If you want a luxurious and versatile finish in your bedroom, then go for fabricated ones, but they will require high maintenance. If you want something that requires low upkeep, then you should opt for vinyl wallpaper. Also, you have the flexibility to choose from metallic, foil, flock, bamboo, and non-woven material options.

  • Style And Color Combination

Wallpapers come in various inspiring layouts, patterns, prints,  and color combinations. They also come in different themes, such as glossy, matte, or textured. You can choose from different patterns including 3D art, damask prints, florals, vintage, lined, dotted, and many more to make that area a centerpiece in the entire room. Also, you can get them with embossed and faux finishes to add an element of opulence.

  • Pay Attention On Natural Light

Always pay attention to how your wallpaper will give an ending finish in the natural light. To get an opulent touch, make sure you patch-test the wall sheets in both natural and artificial light. It is necessary because some wall coverings might look flattering in artificial light and don’t give much of a luxurious finish in sunlight. Always choose the one that will complement your room in both lights. 

  • Consider The Room’s Size

Always consider the room’s size before purchasing wall panels Dubai for the headboard wall. If you want to add an illusion of spaciousness to the room, then opt for neutral shades and solid designs. In addition, vertical and horizontal strips for these decorative papers are good for adding some visual interest. If you want a compact and cozier look, then neutrals with minimal prints will be the best choice for your wall embellishment. 

  • Match With Existing Decor

The wallpaper behind the headset should also complement the existing decor and furniture in the bedroom. You can either match the color and pattern of your paper covering with room furnishings or opt for something in contrast. Muted-tone neutral colors are versatile and can harmonize with almost every type of decor. Also, you can go bold with shades and layouts for bold aesthetics.

  • Take Account Of Your Budget

Wallpapers can vary enormously in their prices depending upon their designs, styles, finishes, types, and materials. Before choosing one for your boudoir room, you should plan your budget wisely to create your dream interior after renovation. Although the initial cost of wall sheets may look high, but it is cost-effective in the long term. Additionally, allow some wiggle room in your budget to accommodate market-high prices.

  • May Need A Professional

If you are a novice and this is your first DIY project, then hire a professional to choose and install wall covers behind the headrest. The experts will ensure the perfect wall covering application using advanced tools and the right expertise. Professionals won’t skip any detail and do their best to ensure a smooth and flawless installation process.

Some DOs And DON’Ts For Long-lasting Wallpaper


  • Prepare the wall before installing the wall sheets to clear any bumps and dust.
  • Do thorough inspections to repair and retouch any damages & imperfections.
  • To avoid an accumulation of humidity, regularly ventilate the space.
  • Always prefer high-quality wall covers because they are more durable.
  • Opt for waterproof wall papers that require low upkeep because they are stain-resistant and dust-proof.
  • Follow the instructions’ guide properly to maintain the durability of the wallpaper.
  • Do use the primer to ensure that the wall cover will adhere better after application.
  • Clean the wall covers with a dry cloth; if needed, use a damp cloth with a mild cleanser to remove stains.


  • Don’t allow direct sunlight on the wall cover, as it can fade away its color and shine.
  • Don’t invest in complex patterned coverings to decorate small bedrooms.
  • Don’t install them on wall surfaces that are uneven as it will ruin the look.
  • Don’t use low-quality adhesive for applying the decorative wall coverings.
  • Don’t use extremely wet cloth or strong cleansers to clean the wallpaper.
  • Don’t ignore imperfections on the wall, as they can make these coverings tear quickly.

Final Note!

Wallpapers are an extremely great idea for enhancing any place’s aesthetics and style timelessly. Given their ability to draw attention to the room’s overall design, they can have a significant design impact on the wall behind the headboard. This article explains reasons and factors about wallpapering behind the headboard and what you should know about it if you’re a novice. Hopefully, this guide will inspire you for your next bedroom improvement projects.

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