How Much Does It Cost To Design A Booth?

As many variables impact pricing there is no single answer to how much designing an exhibition booth construction will cost. However, understanding the typical cost ranges for different stand types can help event organizers and exhibitors budget appropriately. Based on common booth configurations let us break down costs:

Modular or Space-Only Booths:

One of the most affordable options is renting a modular or space-only booth from the event venue or contractor. These basic structures come without walls, lighting, furniture, or graphics. Exhibitors must bring or order all additional elements themselves.

Modular booths range thousands of dollars to rent depending on size, with an average can vary depending on the location of the trade show for a typical 10×10 space. Furnishings, lighting kits, graphics, and accessories can then cost extra to fully outfit the space.

Custom-Built Booths:

While more flexible, custom booths demand significantly higher investment as every element requires individual design and production. Costs vary widely based on size, complexity, and materials used:

  • A basic 10×10 hard wall system with counters or panels starts from a lesser range but for the structure alone.
  • For a 20×20 booth design space, the budget would somehow cost you more for the frame and enclosure.
  • Fabric-covered booths typically range higher depending on the design.
  • Large exhibit spaces of 200 sqft and above often require a huge budget.
  • Exceptional builds incorporating audiovisuals, lighting effects, and interactivity can exceed 6-digit figures.

Custom Booth Design Fees:

Besides fabrication charges, don’t forget expenses for professional custom trade show exhibit design services:

  • Basic renderings and technical drawings for a standard booth are not that expensive and can be purchased at the basic price.
  • More involved CAD models and engineering for complex structures cost a little further.
  • Complete 3D visualizations and design package.
  • Larger international pavilions may have larger design budgets as well.

Graphics and Visual Assets:

Graphics at trade show booth displays are core to any exhibit’s impact, but can rapidly inflate costs:

  • There are Standard pull-up and custom-printed panels.
  • Large format prints for walls or fascia.
  • Complex digitally printed graphics with textures or effects.
  • Backlit displays cost per panel.

So in total, a well-designed basic 10×10 custom hardwall booth with lighting, counters, and few graphics would be a bit on average. Remember these are just guidelines. Get customized quotes suited to your specific design needs. Proper budgeting upfront helps avoid cost overruns later.

Island or Peninsula Booths:

Larger footprint island and peninsula booths that can be accessed from all sides benefit from stand-out exposure but also drive up expenses substantially:

  • Even a basic 20×20 hard wall island booth with basic furniture can cost you a lot.
  • Shipping overseas or to different cities than the event location significantly increases costs for multi-component structures that need reassembly onsite. Budget 10-15% of total build expenses for international transportation.
  • Electrical/plumbing hookups are more complex and can vary depending on power/water requirements.
  • Additional aesthetics like canopy roofs, lighting trusses, and A/V add at least 10-20% to overall fees.
  • Flooring needs to cover larger areas and budget for carpet or other flooring types.
  • Island booths often have much larger budgets depending on the size and complexity of the design concept.

So in summary, complex island or peninsula exhibits consistently require an easily exceeding budget for extra-large, cutting-edge exhibit booth rentals. Be ready to invest heavily in hard-to-ignore island real estate.

Fabrication and Installation Budgeting:

Don’t underestimate logistics expenses either when choosing a location:

  • With a minimum of 8-hour calls, onsite installation/dismantling by a professional crew can vary in range.
  • The cost of Electricians and Labor also must be included during shows.
  • Local production/assembly billed by craftspeople.
  • International shipping of a booth also adds to overall costs.

In Conclusion –

Booth design budgets can vary widely based on complexity, size, transportation, and assembly needs. Knowing typical costs helps set realistic targets for design proposals and stay on track financially for any exhibit project.

It is also advised to rent a booth as trade show booth rental cost is low compared to purchase. Proper planning is key to successful event experiences that don’t drain organization budgets.A

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